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culty situations + what to do about it: a loose guide

There's a lot of culty things out there from wellness to politics to business. Yoga even. Vitamins. I'm not a cult expert, but I'm in the wellness industry and it pops up a lot, so we're gonna get into it! Here is the list of topics, bringing us through the first inklings of maybe realizing you’re in a culty situation, to the last video, where you are hoping to leave. My intention with this workshop is to help you identify compromising situations and help you along the way. Do you feel like you - with Wren Crandall, artist/activist/harm reduction worker Ground into your own energy – with Rina from Liddleworks Protect your field - with Andi Grace Rose from Smoke and Forage Herbals Edit your life - with Katie Brennan from Katie Brennan Ceremonies Is this about you or them - with Megan Gilron from Intimacy Coordination How to say goodbye - with Swetha Ranasuriya from Suvaya Therapy and Tarot Times With Heidi Care Team Pricing: $150 + tax


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