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i changed my vibe and lost all my friends

Hi everyone, Swetha here!⁠

I mean, we really shouldn’t be surprised when this happens, right? We attract folks according to our vibe, and when shifts happen within us OF COURSE the vibe changes, and OF COURSE the attraction changes. Sounds simple but when you overlay that with humans and our feelings, here comes the complexity! (Yay! Boo!)⁠

Why did your vibe change?⁠

Was it necessary?⁠

Was it out of your control?⁠

If you needed to shift something or a shift happened, that is the way life goes as human beings grow and move through life and relationships. The price we pay is that we can’t hold on to everyone/everything we collect as we grow and move through life. With each personal vibe change, and changes in relationships, there is grieving that probably needs to happen. Grief is not just for death and dying - grief is present in all our losses. It’s an opportunity to mourn, reflect, and appreciate the stuff that makes life real. ⁠

It feels horrible. I know.⁠

When it comes to losing friends, mourn the loss, reflect on the reasons, appreciate where they have carried you. If your vibe feels true to you, the lost folks were a part of the journey but not the destination.⁠

Sending you all good vibes!⁠


// Originally posted on Instagram on January 21st, 2023.

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