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meet amarpreet chhina (he/him)

Hi, my name is Amar! I was born and brought up in Amritsar, North India. I am a first-generation Sikh-Punjabi male immigrant who moved to Canada as an International student in 2017. I work as a family counsellor providing grief-informed counselling to families and individuals.

I have a multidisciplinary academic background, which includes psychology, visual and expressive arts, veterinary medicine, and administrative sciences, which has enriched my professional and personal development.

  • ​As a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Professional Art Therapist, I bring various mediums of visual and expressive arts to help clients express their narratives in their own unique or authentic way.
  • "The counselling services are faith-diverse, inclusive and culturally sensitive." Offering counselling in Punjabi, Hindi and English.

  • I orient my counselling approach according to the client's needs. I intend to explore the client's authentic self collaboratively and compassionately with a non-judgmental presence. I integrate cultural sensitivity as a conscious practice for providing an inclusive and respectful therapeutic environment for clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

  • I help clients with Integrated approaches of trauma-informed and trauma-focused, person-centred and Jungian theories. I utilize interventions and directives based on art therapy, meditation, mindfulness and harm reduction.

  • Couples counselling; "when one enhances and strengthens the bond with oneself, it brings clarity that could be utilized to communicate and extend a similar experience to others". In couples counselling, I explore relationships with the former philosophy.

  • Growing constantly through the vivid experiences of my eclectic lens, I desire to continue dancing to the mystic songs of the unknown.

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