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Text: Readings

Tarot readings, intuitive counselling and psychic consultation.

Take a moment to decide if you want a general reading or if you have specific questions. If you would like the tarot, astrology, or runes to be a part of this reading, let me know at the beginning and we can reference it as part of your session.

Bring a paper and pen, a quiet spot, and a clear mind for best results.

Text: Classes

Learn the tarot and how to read in a safe space.

Learning to read tarot can be intimidating at the beginning. These classes are made to be accessible for anyone from the biggest beginner to those wanting to sharpen their skills. Each level is a six month intensive, meeting once a month in a small group over video call. 

Included in the classes is detailed deck care, best practices, history and use of the tarot as a ritual object.

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Client Testimonials
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I loved my reading. There were insights that really made me see my family patterns in a new light and allowed me to find comfort in where I am in my attempt to change these patterns. I was given insight that will improve my relationship with my husband and allow us to strengthen our marriage from a place of compassion. I feel more grounded in myself and seen for who I truly am. Some of the information took a few days to unpack and fully resonate but now I see it all and am very grateful.

~ E.G.

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