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frequently asked questions

What if I think psychics are bullshit, but I still want to see you?
what if i think psychics are bullshit but i still wanna see you?

No problem, you're not the first and probably won't be the last!

Discernment - in looking for anyone who is going to work with you and have impact - is key. 
I would recommend booking a free discovery call so you can check the vibe before making any commitments.

do you do phone calls?

Yes, that's how I prefer to do for readings and psychic work.

Do you do phone calls?
Do you Zoom for tarot clients 1:1?
do you zoom for tarot clients 1-1?

If you have a strong aversion to the phone, I will totally Zoom for you. The reason I don't offer it on the daily is because I would get Zoom'd out. I find I'm much more "dialed in" over the phone.
Just send me a special request email and we'll get that set up.

do 2 people ever come in for a reading together?

Yeah, so fun! Couples, business partners, whatever pairing you're in, I'm here for it!

Do 2 people ever come in for a reading together?
how often can I get a reading?
how often can i get a reading?

For Heidi, once a month or once a moon. Some people see me once every few months or even years. You'll know when you need one.

For Swetha, as often as you would like.

is there a cancellation policy?

Yes! So that someone else has time to book my cancellation policy is 2 days before the appointment day.

is there a cancellation policy?
If I take your classes will I become a master wizard sage witch healer?
if i took your tarot classes, will i become a master wizard sage witch healer?

I don't think anyone can become a master anything in six months. That's a lifelong thing. But I can teach you the basics and we'll see where it goes!

why do you use the word "client"? so formal!

It keeps me from slipping up and using names or something awkward like "person I read for". Also because I'm providing a service, not just a chit chat.
If you'd prefer to be called something else, that's cool, let me know!

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why don't you follow me on insta?

It can effect my ability to stay neutral as a reader. It doesn't mean I don't like you or want to know you, but I'll get to know you in the cave instead of cruising insta.

do you tell me everything you perceive during a session?

I don't, I only tells you what feels necessary. There are certain things that you should not find out from a tarot reader. Even if I have your consent and I can see it, it would be better to find out another way.

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Heidi, can't you just fix me?
can't you just fix me?

Nope, I can't do that.

I can listen, hold space and do what I do, but I can't fix anyone.

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