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accessible pricing.


four courses.

self-paced or live cohort options.

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these courses are for you if...

  • you’re the intuitive, sensitive, or creative person in your friend group

  • you want to begin or deepen your connection with the tarot, astrology, or ritual

  • you appreciate a down-to-earth, inclusive approach to wellness that is mindful of social justice and accessibility

  • you’re desiring to feel more tuned in to your own energies

  • you feel a strong connection to different archetypes, energetics, and the cosmos but sometime struggle to express these feelings

  • you feel drawn to online or self-paced learning because it better suits your temperament, personality, or lifestyle

lvl 1: upright
lvl 2: reversed
lvl 3: astro
lvl 4: occult

online + self paced

option 1:

  • $300 per level (purchase all 4 courses and receive 4 tutoring sessions free!)

  • pre-recorded videos, activities, + notes

  • access for two years 

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live cohort

option 2:

  • must enroll in all four levels

  • online + in-person options, depending on cohort

  • full 1-4 levels in 2 years


p.s. more details below...

level : upright

  • develop a personal connection to each card

  • describe the energy of each card in upright positions

  • use and understand the historical context of the Mother Peace spread

  • access a set of curated resources for further learning

  • answers to frequently asked questions about tarot, such as how to clean your deck and what to do with a tarot deck that you no longer feel connected to


by the end of 

no longer need the guidebook to interpret cards

level one

you will



level : reversals

  • understand reversals and their role in tarot reading

  • get deeper into confronting your unconscious,

  • and learning tools to identify and integrate it

  • develop a personal connection to each card, reversed

  • describe the energy of each card in reversed position

  • use the Celtic Cross spread, with reversals, and understand its history

  • deepen your relationship to the tarot and ritual and develop practices for caring for your tarot


by the end of 

sense your intuition and boundaries more clearly

level two

you will



level 2 available this summer

kind words about heidi's tarot courses

level 3 : tarot x astro

  • express the relationship between the major arcana and zodiacal aspects

  • describe the 12 zodiacal signs, the 10 houses, the 4 quadrants, the nodes, and the grand cross

  • feel the different energies of the aspects, and how that changes the chart

  • appreciate the history and evolution of astrology 

  • read a 10 Houses Spread, with reversals

  • interpret astrological bodies like transits, quadrants, nodes, planets, aspects, asteroids, grand cross, house systems, and signs of the zodiac

  • decipher a moon chart and engage with moon magic and the Wheel of the Year

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by the end of 

incorporate other ritual tools like natal charts and astrological readings into your tarot practice

level three

you will


level 3 available this summer

level 4    : a stro x occult

  • develop your intuition as you learn to identify the different archetypes and energies

  • interpret the cards with multiple levels of nuance and using different tarot spreads

  • appreciate how to incorporate ritual practices in self-care, wellness, and boundary setting 

  • unlock the decans and the nuances of each astrological sign, as well as how that impacts your natal chart

  • recount the planetary aspects for each card in the Minor Arcana

  • explore Story/Chaos Spreads and using your natal chart as a tarot reading

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by the end of 

deepen your integration of tarot and astrology, and expand your relationship with the minor arcana

level four

you will


level 4 available this year


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  • Best Value

    tarot x astro 1-4 bundle (+ BONUS)

    Purchase the complete tarot x astro pathway and receive 4 free 1:1 tutoring sessions with heidi! When you purchase this option, we will reach out to book your tutoring sessions.
    Valid for 4 years
    • tarot x astro course 1
    • tarot x astro course 2 *available this summer
    • tarot x astro course 3 *available this year
    • tarot x astro course 4 *available this summer
    • BONUS: includes four tutoring sessions with Heidi!
  • 4x tutoring with heidi (save $80!)

    four tutoring sessions with heidi, to explore topics of your choice in depth.
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 hr tutoring w/ heidi



The live cohort classes can be on zoom or in person (at 1923 Graveley, basement), depending on what people vote for when we get together as a group.

dates + times

cost + commitment

If you sign up for level 1, you are signing up for all 5 levels. Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Tarot have been bundled with level 5 (psychic development) into one big course that takes 3-4 years to finish.

For the live cohort, each level is 18 hours, and people should spend 12+ hours outside of class, using the resources, and practicing tarot on themselves and others. So that's 30 hours per level for the live cohort.


Each level is $500 + $25 GST, which you can e-transfer to when the class starts.

Each level is about 18 hours long.


For Level 1 beginning in September 2024, we will meet once a month on the following dates*: 

  • sept 9

  • oct 14

  • nov 11

  • dec 9

  • jan 13

  • feb 10


Classes are usually on Monday nights from 7-10pm*


Each level is 6 months long, then 3 months fallow/off. That way participants have some time to study their notes, do some readings for their classmates, and integrate the material.

*The times and dates listed are the times scheduled. However, in the group it's nice to keep it as a group. If you know for sure that you'll be unavailable for one of these dates, let me know before the class starts. We can address that as a group on the first class and possibly arrange for another time.

other details

I wouldn’t call these classes a coven, because they wouldn’t function without me facilitating, but it’s got a similar vibe of witnessing each other, and part of that witnessing being the reason that such large transformations are able to occur.

It’s not just about me, it’s also about what you are learning to be for yourself, and in sharing that with the group, the space you are able to hold for each other. It starts with the tarot, but it doesn’t end with the tarot. 

An instagram chat group will be made up for each individual group. You can share insights, spreads, memes, whatever in between classes and vibe. I will check on the chat too, so if you ask a question if no one knows the answer, I can answer it.

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