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Text: Having your cards read is not a replacement for therapy.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to have your tarot read, but it’s important to remember that while I’m very well versed in mental health and the many facets of being human, I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist.

A lot of the time a reading can be a type of counseling, but there is a difference between what I do and what someone accredited in a profession of mental (or physical) health does.


The reason I feel it’s important to make the distinction here so the waters are clear from the get go. I also want you to know that I believe in dynamic therapy, so while I would love to support you I also encourage you to check in with yourself about whether there are other avenues for healing that would be good for you too. 


A tarot reading is certainly not a replacement for a medical consultation.


After a session with me it might be good for you to do some stretching, pet a dog, have a snack or talk to a clinician!

Text: What happens in the cave, stays in the cave.

Everything you share with me in a session is absolutely confidential! The only time I will break that confidentiality is if threats against myself or someone else are made, in which case, support will be called on. 


My lower key version of this rule is: no hexing, no DMs - keep it in the cave!

Text: There will be consent check-ins throughout.

In a reading, I practice ongoing consent. This means that from the very beginning of our session I will ask for your permission to be in your field. A big part of what I do is psychic work and I would never feel okay with jumping into your energies without asking permission first. As a session goes on I will periodically ask for your consent again. This is because, as we go deeper, things will come up and they won’t always be pleasant. 


In my early reading days, I noticed a lot of clients would say it was okay to keep going or give more details when the opposite was best for them. I’m very familiar with trauma responses and the fawning response has been common with my clientele. 

I never want someone to abandon their own needs in order to save me from something like embarrassment or hurt feelings. I assure you, I’m fine! 

You are under no obligation to me, only to yourself and your own truth.


What I would like is for you to take a moment to listen to yourself when I ask for these permissions, is it okay for this person to talk about this thing right now? 


Remember, we can always come back to it another time. Not everything needs to be unpacked in one reading.

Text: The boundaries of aftercare.

I have a free, two-week post reading check in option available if you find you need any clarification on things we discussed in the reading. It’s like a post-work discovery meeting! I am not, however, available after a reading to emotionally process the session with you. I encourage you to reach out to your support system to do that with. I care deeply about all my clients and their wellbeing, but I am not available for the processing that can come in the hours following our reading together. I will make suggestions, if they are necessary, for aftercare.

If you feel like the complimentary post session check in is not going to be enough (remember there will be no extra cards or psychic work done here) please book another session with me to dive deeper.

Text: Use the discovery call!

If you come to the session and feel within the first 20 minutes that we’re not “clicking” and you don’t want to continue, we can absolutely call it quits then and I will not charge you. If there’s no vibe, there’s no vibe. If this is not communicated though, and we keep going, payment is required.

This is why I have the free discovery session, so I encourage you to use that tool first!

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