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learn tarot with heidi

tarot 1-4

The deep dive into the tarot starts with Level One, the upright positions, and then moves into Levels 2-4. I’ve included information on all the levels below, since most people want to do all of them for max impact.


By the end of level one, you will not have to use the little book that comes with your tarot deck to interpret cards. We will go over every card, and the energy of them. I teach in a narrative therapy way, explaining the cards in the context of our mythic journeys from unconscious to conscious, focussing on where the archetypes are in each person individually, so you have a personal connection with each card. 


Each level is 12 hours long if you are learning asynchronistically (ie: online) and 18 hours long if you are learning in a group over zoom. The reason there is less content in the online format is that we are not going through the group exercises together, I will be giving you them as homework at the end of each class, for you to investigate on your own. 


Basic info given around moons, deck care, history of tarot, centring a critique of colonial and capital lenses that were put on the tarot, to get at the deeper archetypal meanings and uses of tarot as a ritual object.