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culty situations

an exploratory video series with heidi + guests


I'm not talking about capital-C Cults.

I'm talking about cult-y situations -- wellness gurus with devoted followings, networking groups that encourage sharing without boundaries, relationships where you're asked to give up your own thoughts in exchange for a sense of belonging. 

There's a lot of culty things out there...

Let's make space to talk about them. 

This exploratory series brings Heidi in conversation with 6+ guests to investigate all aspects of cult-y situations. Beginning with the first inklings of "maybe this is a bit of a culty situation..." to "this isn't for me. how do I move on?", these discussions are based in the speakers' personal experiences of being in and around all kinds of culty situations.


this series is for you if...

  • you are an empath who feels like something is "off" in group settings

  • you find value in learning from others, such as through good conversations or listening to podcasts

  • you find yourself in situations where folks get mad at you, or shame you for not thinking a certain way

  • you feel pressure to “think a certain way” or “do things a certain way”

  • you are curious about cults or cliques

  • you are neurodivergent or find group dynamics perplexing at times

  • you are in or healing from an enmeshed relationship


  • $100 investment with sliding scale available

  • 12 hours of video content, filmed 2022-2024

  • organic conversations with heidi and 6+ guests with lived experience in cult-y situations

culty situations 5
culty situations 6
  • A clear break down of how to identify if you are in a culty situation, what to do when you figure it out, boundaries, how to edit your life afterwards, how to separate you from them, and then how to say goodbye

  • Deep conversations going through every topic thoroughly through an anti capitalist, feminist, trauma aware, neurodivergent lens

  • Compassion for yourself and others

  • Clarity on niche topics that don’t get addressed much

  • Emotional awareness, good tool for shadow work, and ritual work

key takeaways

six conversations about culty situations

1 / do you feel like you

with Wren Crandall, artist/activist/harm reduction worker

2 / ground into your own energy

with Rina from Liddleworks

3 / protect your field

with Andi Grace Rose from Smoke and Forage Herbals

4 / edit your life

with Katie Brennan from Katie Brennan Ceremonies

5 / is this about you or them

with Megan Gilron from Intimacy Coordination

/ how to say goodbye

with Swetha Ranasuriya from Suvaya Therapy

and Tarot Times With Heidi Care Team

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