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i feel boring, i want my career to kick off faster

YUP I feel ya! There is a sea of spiritual business stuff around right now, so it's easy to feel like if you spend 3K "leveling up your vibes" you can manifest things faster too. I get that. I also think some of those people are legit, but not all of them!!!!! Some of them are just riding the opportunity of ppl wanting to be spiritual and self employed and it's not safe.

I can only speak from my experience, but the act of starting your own business is very personal. The blocks I have in my business are the same blocks you have in your personal life. The agitations I had about my friendship problems or my family are the same in my business. The weak points I have in my own character are the same points I have to re-affirm in my business plan and be overt about.

Your business, or your art practice, or whatever it is, is a mirror for your own growth. It's not apart from you, it is you. It's you creating another body through the form of a business. That might sound TMI but it really is that way.

A corporation or a huge business, is not the same as a small business, its very different energetically. The small biz is you basically. If you have a social media, you probably did that. If you have products, you probably designed them. If there's an email being sent off, your fingies probz typed them out. It's not a lot of mystery.

If you have grown enough to be a bit bigger, maybe someone else is writing those emails now, but you are still overseeing them. Your energy is the umbrella over everything. You are the organizing principle.

It's also all your responsibility. Look at where you don't want to grow. Then grow your business in that way. Ask for help, or collaborate, or contract out that area, but address it. As you address your weak points, you strengthen them, and build your foundation to be able to do more, hold more, be stable.

Which allows all the people you are working with to trust you more. Remember you are holding a container for them to have an experience. You want them to have a good experience. Think of your career as a good way to bring your gifts to the world, and for you to gain experience and funding to be able to pay your rent.

xo Heidi

// Originally posted on Instagram on September 8th, 2022.

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