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what is quiet revolution?

image description: A giant eyeball fabric background with white strips of paper on it with the words "what is quiet revolution" written in black sharpie marker. ⁠

If you are following along with the micro details of my business life (which I know a few of you are nerds for), you might remember that last year, Sept 2021, I launched Quiet Revolution, which was intended to become a monthly subscription program. ⁠

Well, I ran it and it was always SO MUCH FUN having those monthly conversations, but not many people showed up. That might have been because I made a bold business move of offering it from 2-4pm and not in the evening LOL but I had too many things going on in my evening times, and I need to prioritize down time for myself too. So, you know, some work-life balance stuff happening there.⁠

So I ran it from Sept to Dec and had a blast but then realized no one was really sticking with it. They would come once, to check it out, but then not return. The truth is, most of my clients are private people: they don't want to be video recorded in a group call as we talk about deep issues. They are into intentional small groups, but not that format of "anyone can join the conversation for X amount of money a month". That just didn't speak safety to get INTO those convos. ⁠

Anyways, so I dropped the project - although I might tweak it and bring it back later - but in a new format. The thing I like about small business is that you can change it to make it work for you. So obviously that was a flooop but something cool will always happen with the things you started with. Sometimes you think something is good to go, when really it needs to spend some time in the small business studio and not go public for a bit, so it can take it's right form. I'm in that process now with it! ⁠


How many of you are in small business? Does this kind of learning curve seem normal or understandable to you? How do you relate? What's the thing you are learning through now?⁠

All my best to all of you. ⁠

Love, Heidi⁠

// Originally posted on Instagram on December 10th, 2022.

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