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do you have an x on your birth certificate?

"Do you have an X on your birth certificate?" hand printed on 3 strips of white paper and then placed on a textured floral back drop. It looks like velour to me, and I bet you it would be soft.⁠

Heidi here - yes! I got one in the spring time after years of getting all my paper work together. And yes, it was a big pain to do so!⁠

When I went into the Registrar's Office with all my paperwork to fill out the form, they didn't even have F to X as an option. There was F to M, and M to F, but nothing around non binary options, and this has been legal for a few years now. So I hand wrote in my option and checked it off, and brought it to the front desk. ⁠

They made a report to their head office that F to X and M to X should be printed out as options on the form, and apologized for it not being there in the first place. They were embarrassed, and I was happy to have someone who was woke enough to know. ⁠

Then she brought up my file and told me that my doctor who said they sent in the form actually didn't, and that that doctor lied to me about filling out the form in the first place, so I had to go back and get another doctor to fill out a form. My second doctor was appalled that all this had happened, and basically picked up on the fact that the first doctor was a transphobe and she just laughed and told me that it wasn't her decision in the first place and that it was ludicrous that there was even a form needed from a doctor to let you change how you identify on your ID. ⁠

I called up the Registrar's Office so I didn't have to go in, and faxed in my doctors note with the case file number, and eventually my ID was changed over. So many panic attacks along the way too. ⁠

But now I have it, my beautiful new ID which fully represents me. If any of you are wanting to change over, I hope that it will not be as convoluted as my experience, and that some system changes have been made. If not, I feel your pain.⁠

What's your story?⁠

Sending love, Heidi⁠

// Originally posted on Instagram on February 28th, 2023.

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