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do you have insomnia?

"do you have insomnia" hand written on 2 strips of white paper with black sharpie, and laid on top of some faded denim fabric.⁠

Hey, Heidi here! I used to have really bad insomnia until I went on meds for BiPolar. Then the insomnia went away. But yeah, up until 8 months ago I had insomnia 2-4x a night where I would be up for half the night.⁠

A lot of good things happened because of insomnia. I had awesome reflection time, where no one was around and I could be alone with my thoughts. I made art. I felt my feels. I read books. It wasn't all bad.⁠

But sleep is glorious, and I'm glad to be able to sleep solidly every night of the week now. ⁠

Who else has struggled with insomnia? What worked for you?⁠




Originally posted on Instagram on March 12th, 2023

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