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do you live in a cabin in the woods?

A purple fabric background with white strips of paper on it with the words "Heidi, do you live in a cabin in the woods" handwritten in black sharpie marker. ⁠

Isn't that the witchy dream???? At least, it is for me. I don't live in a cabin though, I live in east van and in a quite urban environment. ⁠

I need to live close to resources, like my audiologist, doctor, etc., and all of those things are in the city. I am in the doctors office, or some kind of medical appointment every 1-2 weeks, so unfortunately to my cabin-envy wishes, those services are here and not in the woods, so a city dweller am I.⁠

I do make sure that go into the deep bush, and spend time in nature. With people, but also with my self. I try to get away even if its just for a day or 2 a few times a year. It helps a lot when I do it. If I can't afford it (mentally, physically, or financially, etc) I will spend a lot of time in parks, and find a nice tree to ground with. ⁠

You do what you can, where you can, how you can. It's not about living the perfect life for me. It's about doing what works and finding pleasure where you can. ⁠

Where do you live? If you had to choose between physicial, mental health resources, or medical resources and living in a naturey environment, what would you choose? For a lot of wooded folks I know, they felt like if they lived in the city it would be worse, so their self care looks different than mine. Everyone has their own choices. ⁠

Would love to hear your thoughts, and hear about your choices too. - Heidi⁠

// Originally posted on Instagram on December 31st, 2022.

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