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do you like being deaf?

being 45% hearing can be a challenge. It can also be a joy.

I identify as Hard of Hearing (HoH or hoh). deaf is (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong) when you have 30-25% of your heating profile. Deaf is when you have very little to no hearing profile, like under 25% I think.

I'm not an expert on all things D/deaf/HoH culture, but am happy to share from my own lived experience here. When appropriate, and when I have spoons for that.

navigating the system is hard and complicated and i hate that part. i hate ppl thinking i cant hear them and getting frustrated with me when i just need them to face me and say it again. ⁠

i dont like the assumptions that im just spacing out when im not. as someone with ADHD I DO space out but when i just cant hear you and i am confused and i am not in space i am right here trying to listen fucker!!!! gahhhhhhhhh⁠

the deafie rage is real. but also so is the deafie tranquility. listening to sounds no one can hear. its a different way of listening. i feel at peace. i love taking my hearing aids off and just being. its the best. ⁠

sweet sweet relief. ⁠

there are different things you can hear when you are listening in different ways. its so nice. ⁠


technically i'm hard of hearing. although if you're lumping ppl into 2 categories, i wouldnt be in the hearing category, id be in deaf one. its a spectrum of hearing. the whole approach to sonic interaction is heavily, heavily flawed!!!!⁠


Originally posted on Instagram on January 16th, 2022.

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