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i had a crush on you in session

Cut up strips of paper with the following words on them handwritten in black sharpie marker, on a magenta fabric background with a diamond shaped texture: "I had a crush on you in session and then you felt it and killed it"⁠

Hi Everyone, Swetha here!⁠

Ooof! Awkward!⁠

I can honestly say this is rare in my line of work because most folks come in for counselling when there is something they want to work on, and typically that’s not crushing on their therapist. ⁠

However, I want to approach this statement to discuss BOUNDARIES. Sometimes folks really don’t see why I (and other practitioners like Heidi) can’t entertain these types of vibes. Speaking for myself, when I am in my therapist mode, I am deeply in my work. While I carry who I am with me into my work, I am focused on holding space for my clients. Lack of professional boundaries “contaminates” the therapeutic space and hinders healing. ⁠

This is also why client/therapist relationships are governed by professional associations and their codes of ethics. There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to contact I can have as a therapist with my clients. ⁠

What about practitioners who are not part of an official association per se but are still maintaining those strict professional boundaries? To that I say, YOU HAVE GOT YOURSELF A GOOD ONE. Enjoy that safe healing space. ⁠

Crush elsewhere. 🙃⁠

Sending you all good vibes!⁠


// Originally posted on Instagram on January 18th, 2023.

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