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You're super present but you're also, like, brutal

Hello everyone, Swetha again!⁠

But aren’t you supposed to be nice?⁠

Yeeah maybe. That depends on your definition of nice. There are a lot of things I do or say in my personal space that I don’t do in my counselling or teaching space - and vice versa. Sometimes what I have to say or do as a counsellor is not “nice”- it’s brutal.⁠

In therapy I strive to model and maintain boundaries and limitations that will positively influence the therapeutic space and my clients’ work. This is not always pleasant because sometimes it involves me saying No, or me digging into pieces and places where clients don’t want to go (when they are ready to go, but don’t want to!). ⁠

Is that brutal? As an experience it definitely can be. I know it’s the hot seat, and I know shifting and transforming is hard.⁠

I also believe folks pay for/seek Counselling and practitioners to move forward from something - so yes we are present, but we also have to try to deliver what you came to us for.⁠

What has your experience been in therapy or elsewhere with someone who was present and brutal? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this!⁠

Sending you good vibes!⁠


// Originally posted on Instagram on February 5th, 2023.

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