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staying in something that isn't good for me is killing me slowly

Cut up strips of paper with the following words on them handwritten in black sharpie marker, on black fabric with multi colour thick lines: "Staying in something that isn’t good for me is slowly killing me”⁠

Hi Everyone, Swetha here!⁠

The other side of staying in toxicity a tad longer than we should, am I right?⁠

As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes I tend to stay longer than I probably should - so I totally relate to this feeling. The lessons are great, being sure about walking away from situations is good, but when I’m not able to get away from something that I know is not good for me, I feel like I can’t breath.⁠

It took me a long time to realize that feeling was anxiety.⁠

Anxiety can take a toll on all of us, and sustained/acute anxiety can turn into a serious mental health crisis. So for me, this statement isn’t exaggerating at all. ⁠

When I’m stuck in something that isn’t good, something has to shift, change, and/or transform - and if I can’t do those things with what is outside of me, I have to start working from within. It’s such hard and heart-breaking work. ⁠

If this is resonating for you: don’t give up. Reach out to folks who can help you, lean on folks who are showing up for you, listen even when it’s hard, acknowledge this is hard, and give yourself a lot of grace.⁠

All situations are temporary, some are not worth renewing or making permanent.

Sending you good vibes,⁠

-Swetha ⁠

// Originally posted on Instagram on January 24th, 2023.

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