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how do you walk away from something that's really bad for you?

Hi everyone, Swetha here!

How do I walk away from something that is really bad for me? ⁠

To be honest, I don't always, at first. I fiercely believe in the potential for something/someone to go positively well. I don't expect perfection and I believe in transformation - which in turn has meant that sometimes I stay in toxicity for a tad longer than I should. ⁠

Do I regret this? Sometimes. It takes me some time to remind myself that experiences lend themselves to my work, and my identity. However, if I can save you some trouble, I will share a conversation I have with myself that has made processing and walking away easier:⁠

I ask myself if I would do the same TO someone else or expect the same FOR someone else. Who would I do this to? Who would I want this for? Why?⁠

Sometimes we stay in the bad because it is familiar, and/or we are willing to put up with stuff we would never wish for someone else.⁠

Knowing which part of the coin is activating for you is important before you can truly let go. ⁠

If you keep going back, maybe - probably, the lesson is not over.⁠

Sending good vibes,⁠


// Originally posted on Instagram on January 6th, 2023.

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