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do you cut your own hair?

YES YES I do! If you want to know how to home cut a shag hair cut, long or short, it is very easy and I will describe the steps below:

A grey green tie dye background with white strips of paper on it with the words "do you cut your own hair" written in black sharpie marker.

1. comb your hair

2. for straight hair, make sure that it is more or less flat. if you have wavy hair, or differently textured hair, you can dampen it and then cut it. or just leave it be, your choice. you know your hair best.

3. put your hair upside down. if you want, brush your hair upside down. i don't brush my hair upside down, but you are welcome to if you like that sort of thing.

4. grab the end of your hair and pull it away from your hair like you have an imaginary unicorn horn or narwhale horn.

5. cut the tip of your horn where you want the longest part of hair to be.

6. make an intention with your hair to release or renew something and compost it. for me i do this while my head is upside down and the cut hair is already in my hand.

7. stand up straight, fluff your hair and see how your hair lies now. it should be in shag hair cut, with your hair in different layers.

8. if you want shorter bangs, you can cut those shorter after. you can use this process to cut long bangs though, that's what i have.

ASIDE for me the shortest part of my hair is my bangs, which are chin length, and the longest part of my hair is mid back. i cut them all in one horn, so all my hair gets cut at once.

i used this haircut to go from short shag - where the longest part was my normal length bangs - to go to a long shag where i grew my bangs, and with it the rest of my hair, out to a longer length.

repeat every 6-8 weeks or as needed! tag me in any attempts that you do if you post it on insta or feel free to dm me the photos too. xox heidi.

// Originally posted on Instagram on December 19th, 2022.

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